Our services in Poland

Who are we and what do we do?

We are a construction company with their headquarters in Toruń. We specialize in subcontracting all bricklaying works and simple reinforced concrete works in a B2B relationship. We have been operating dynamically since 2014, both on the Polish and Belgian market. We employ over 160 construction workers. They are mostly bricklayers. About 100 of them work on construction sites in Belgium and 60 on construction sites in Poland. We cooperate with both small and medium-sized family businesses as well as with large corporations. The size of the company does not matter much to us. What matters is the people we work with, their level of organization and adherence to agreements.

How do we work on your construction site?
  • Usually we work in teams of 4-5 people. Each of our teams has a Leader (who’s also physically working of course), a set of basic tools and a company car.
  • The work of individual teams is supervised by a manager, who is a very experienced builder and regularly visits our construction sites, so that the work goes smoothly and our clients are satisfied.
  • This manager is also your contact person and you handle absolutely everything through him (schedule, contracts, work acceptance reports, invoices, technical and logistic issues).
  • In problematic situations, the Manager stays on the site until all problems are resolved.
Why is it worth to work with us?
  • We are a stable subcontractor that adheres to the arrangements. We carry out job orders correctly, evenly and cleanly.
  • In case of complications, we have a solid background. In Poland, we usually carry out 7-10 job orders at the same time, which allows us to solve your problems. Sometimes you have to add more people and sometimes you have to make a break. We are usually able to deal with it. Sudden illness of a single employee or unexpected family situation does not affect your schedule.
  • 12 people work in our office in administration – about half of them work every day to ensure that the work on your construction site goes smoothly. We have our own recruitment department. Three people with many years of experience conduct continuous recruitment activities.
  • The statistics that we keep allow us to accurately declare work progress schedules to our clients.
  • If necessary, our employees can work overtime. Many of them are not of local origin and are ready to work longer.
  • We are looking for a solution to the problem until we find it. As long as there is the same will on the part of the client – we keep thinking until effect, even if it is not in our scope of work.
  • Constant cooperation with our regular clients proves that working with us is attractive for them. For many of our clients, we are strategic = the most important subcontractor.
What does communication with us look like?
  • Minor technical issues and short-term planning of the progress of works on the construction site are agreed with our Team Leader.
  • All wider arrangements, such as a long-term schedule, major changes in the project, personnel issues or other unpredictable complications are agreed with the Manager. He is available to our customers by phone 24/7.
  • Agreements, work acceptance reports and settlements are also handled by the Manager.
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