Our services in Belgium

Who are we and what do we do?

We are a Polish construction company – from Toruń – specializing in the performance of masonry and reinforced concrete works. We have been operating on the Belgian market since 2014. In Belgium, we work with large companies, medium-sized family businesses and small businesses managed by one person. The size of the company does not matter to us. What matters is the people we work with and whether they keep their agreements. In Poland we perform exactly same works as in Belgium, but on larger construction facilities. The technology is also a bit different.

How do we work on your site?
  • We usually work in teams of 4-5 people. Each of our teams has a Leader (who is of course also physically working), a set of tools and a company car (importantly, cars and tools are regularly replaced with new ones, so we do not work on faulty equipment).
  • In addition, we have a manager in Belgium who is a very experienced builder and regularly visits all our construction sites to make sure that the work goes smoothly and our clients are satisfied.
  • In our office in Poland (the city of Toruń), 12 people work in administration – about half of them work every day to ensure that the work on your construction site goes smoothly. One of these people is responsible for contact with you and with the other clients in Belgium. The same person is in daily contact with the Manager and with the Leader of our team working on your site. We have a very good information flow between everyone. This is a system of work that we have developed over the past 6 years, so believe us – it works well.
Why is it worth working with us?
  • We have a low rotation of employees. A stable team carries out works from their beginning to their end.
  • All our employees are on a delegation while in Belgium. They have no families and no private life there. They are focused on work.
  • In case of complications, we have extensive facilities (more than 20 complete teams on 20-25 construction sites at the same time), which allows us to solve your problems. Sometimes you have to add more people and sometimes you have to make a break. Usually we are able to deal with it.
  • In addition to the team leader, also our manager controls construction sites and improves the works. When it is necessary, he changes his clothes and works himself physically to improve, show, explain or develop something. We are all working on the result.
  • We are reliable and if you agree something with us in advance, we always keep the arrangements. We do not have a situation where we do not enter the construction site as agreed or we enter too late. We always organize ourselves to be ready on time. Regardless of the sudden illness of an employee or a unexpected family situation. We have a solid background and we keep our arrangements.
  • Constant cooperation with our regular clients proves that working with us is attractive for them. For many of our clients, we are strategic = the most important subcontractor.
What does communication with us look like?
  • Usually, our team leader at your construction site communicates with you in English or German or French. Unfortunately we have no Dutch speaking employees.
  • In our office in Poland, your contact person picks up your phone immediately or calls you back within 10 minutes from 7:00 to 21:00. Communication with her is in English.
  • Most of us know single technical words in Dutch which makes communication easier (eg “Wapening, Bekisting, Snelbouw, Parament” etc.) – to know what we are both talking about, we do not translate these words into English, we always use the same (Dutch) word.
  • Contracts, Facturatiebons and invoice titles are in Dutch.
  • To sum up: 90% of verbal communication with us takes place in English.
What about the formalities?
  • All our people are employed under a contract of employment. We do not cooperate with “zelfstandigen”. Our people are our employees who live in our accommodation and use our clothes, equipment, cars, etc.
  • We regularly renew the attestations: PDOK, certificate art. 403 of the Belasting.
  • We do the Limosa and checkin@work by ourselves.
  • We of course meet all administrative and legal requirements required by Belgian law. We know the applicable rules and we keep all documents diligently.
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