Work in Belgium and Poland

Who are we?

We are a family construction company located in the city of Toruń, in central Poland. The company was founded by a group of friends and siblings, who themselves started out by working physically on construction sites. To this day, the atmosphere at Eurostone is friendly. From bricklayers, through team leaders, to managers and company management, we all play to one goal and solve problems together. We learn from each other. Nobody is left alone with a problem.

What we do?
  • We have a narrow specialization – we only perform bricklaying and reinforced concrete works on apartment buildings and single-family housing estates.
  • We operate dynamically on the Belgian and Polish market. We employ over 160 construction workers. They are mainly bricklayers. About 100 of them work on construction sites in Belgium and 60 on construction sites in Poland. Each of our employees works in Poland and Belgium throughout the year.
  • We carry out between 25 and 30 construction sites at the same time. Most of the orders is performed by a team based on 4-5 workers. The largest jobs we do require work of 10-12 people on one construction site. We do not accept orders larger than that.
  • Each team has a car and a set of tools. Apart from the team leader, who is responsible for the entire team, the work is controlled by two managers who support and teach our people to work professionally.
  • The office employs a total of 12 people dealing with the administration of the company, such as accounting, HR and payroll, acquiring new orders. Among them, we also have 2 administrative employees who are some kind of carers for our employees from Ukraine and Belarus. All this so that each of our employees can ask in their own language for help with solving a problem, both in the professional and private field.
  • We speak Polish, English, Russian and Ukrainian.
What does work in our company look like?

Stage 1. If you decide to work in our company, you will most likely work on our construction sites in Poland for the first 2-3 months (mainly Kujawsko-Pomorskie and Pomorskie provinces). This is the period when the company teaches you the trade and checks your attitude to work. It is also a good time to arrange for you documents that will allow you to legally work in Belgium in the future. After this period, the company will deploy you to Belgium, where of course you will earn several times more than in Poland. You have to understand that Eurostone does not send people to Belgium that it is not sure about – therefore the imminence of going to Belgium depends on how you work.
Stage 2. You can do the work as we expect, thereforeyou work alternately on our construction sites in Belgium and in Poland. We will provide you with details during the interview.
Stage 3. If you will be an outstanding employee, you will have a sense of responsibility for yourself and others, you will be able to organize the work of the entire team, then sooner or later you will be offered to be the Team Leader and run your own construction site. Your earnings will increase significantly. You will also influence many decisions.

Why is it worth working with us?
  • You will earn more with us than in most Polish companies, because you will work in Belgium for a significant part of each year.
  • We take care to ensure the continuity of orders very well in advance. Contracts are concluded 3-6 months before the start of construction works, thanks to which you are guaranteed safe and stable work for many years.
  • That’s why when you count how much you earn throughout the entire year, in 2-3 years, then you get to know how much the difference in earnings in our company is compared to other companies.
  • Working at Eurostone is fully legal. At the same time, we take care of all the formalities for you. Your commitment to documents is minimal.
  • You are employed under an employment contract.
  • After several years of working with us, you will be skilled to do things that will provide you with a well-paid job for the rest of your life.
  • We have a very low employee turnover, which reassures us that they have a good time with us and appreciate our efforts to ensure their earnings and their standard of living.
What exactly is the job?
  • Most of our orders concern bricklaying of walls made of materials such as Ceramic blocks, Concrete blocks, Aerated concrete blocks, Silicate. Additionally, in Belgium, we build clinker brick elevations.
  • On smaller construction sites, we are usually the only company that performs works and we build the entire shell of the building, i.e. all masonry and reinforced concrete works, while reinforced concrete works are relatively easy, as almost all elements are prefabricated.
  • On larger construction sites, such as large apartment buildings, we are one of the few companies that operate at the same time. It happens that we perform only part of the works, such as ceramic blocks walls and clinker facade, meanwhile the reinforced concrete works are already carried out by another company.
  • If you are an experienced bricklayer, you know exactly what the specifics of this work is and theoretically there is nothing to surprise you, but in practice the main difference is that in Belgium very high quality of work is required. The walls must be perfectly straight both vertically and horizontally, the wall itself must be clean, as well as the workplace and the entire construction site. Safety regulations at work are also very strict. Apparently so little, yet everyone needs a few months to learn to build in such a quality.
What about accommodation and commuting to work?
  • The company provides staff accommodation free of charge. Usually these are houses rented by Eurostone with a kitchen and living room on the ground floor and 2-3 bedrooms upstairs.
  • The standard of accommodation varies and depends on what can be rented in a given area. Sometimes these are newly renovated to a high standard accommodations (e.g. with Airbnb), and sometimes they are old houses. However, we never rent just anything. We make sure that each accommodation allows our employees to live in decent conditions.
  • Eurostone also pays for everything related to the maintenance of accommodation, i.e. heating, gas, electricity, water, waste collection, internet. You don’t have to worry about anything.
  • Eurostone also regularly replaces the cars, which are always bought new, so that employees can travel in comfortable conditions and have no problems with breaking down cars. Usually, on the way between work and accommodation, employees deal with private matters such as shopping and other. They can do it by using company cars.
  • Transfers between Belgium and Poland are also held by company cars.
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