Today, we are a stable, reliable and key partner of many construction companies. They include both very large construction corporations with European reach, as well as medium and small family businesses. How did this happen? Over a dozen years ago, just after Poland’s accession to the European Union, a young man with experience in construction found a job in one of the largest Polish companies in this industry. It carried out construction projects in Western European countries. After the next few years, he could already boast of an exemplary reputation and excellent references also on foreign markets. Then the time has come to set up an own company. When the entrusted orders are carried out with thinking primarily about others, people who think and act in a similar way are quickly attracted to each other. It was the same in this case. A few years have passed, and the company’s ranks were joined by more people, thanks to which it already had a department responsible for obtaining  foreign and Polish orders, for multilingual contact with clients from all over Europe, for HR and accounting, for recruiting employees from Poland and from the east, and also for advertising and marketing. A dozen people coordinate everything that is necessary for effective company management, and thanks to this the company is constantly growing, gaining more and more orders, it always is and has always been solvent.

All this has been achieved thanks to the builders’ team of over 130 people. It is thanks to those professionals  and construction experts that the Eurostone Group is a strong and stable business partner for many construction companies in Poland and Western Europe.  Do you want to join our team? Or maybe you are looking for a trusted partner for joint construction projects? You’ve come to the right place. Call us, find out the details, let’s start our cooperation.